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Aug 16, 2018

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”


Wazaaa! It’s episode 69 of the grind and the guys are going to bleed all the fun they can out of that 19 year old commercial. After the usual Pleasantries Joey and Jason Start this episode with a little recap of last week and then they jump straight into a conversation about entrepreneur Grant Cardone. The subject leads them to think about audience sizes and their appreciation for the ability to have an impact on their audience no matter how big. Joey talks about his first day after his detox, how everything seemed to come together even if things went wrong, even down to rediscovering an old smashmouth album. Joey attributes this to something called ‘flow’ and the guys extrapolate around that for a few minutes, discussing serendipity and whether it is actually joey’s environment changing or his perception of it.


“The universe is like, welcome back Joey Torkildson”


Joey talks about his ongoing spiritual endeavours with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s programmes, and the benefit he is seeing from following them. Jason relates this all back to energy and how positive changes can compound to create exponential improvement in your life. Jason also comments on how important finding balance within self-improvement is, to not push yourself so hard that you fail entirely. Joey expounds on this, discussing the counter intuitive nature of giving yourself a break so that you can achieve 100% output. The guys then talk a little about how rituals and habits can help you maintain a flow state. Joey and Jason then draw some comparisons from Michael Jordan, his approach to playing basketball at the highest level and what lessons can be learned.


“Life by design, not by default”


The next insight the guys give us is a technique from Adam Hurgenrother, life coach and real estate mogul. It’s a lesson in responsibility and how to self-actualise based on information readily available to you about yourself. Joey speaks about the importance of not being a victim and how most people don’t see it as a choice, when in reality it is. Afterwards Joey finally admits the secret to his productivity, and spoiler alert it’s not Columbian marching powder, or even his green screen of power. I can’t reveal it here, so you’ll just have to listen to the episode and find out for yourself. Grind out.


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