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Apr 19, 2018

'If you turn up and kill it all day, just try as much as you can and you'll see it come back. If not you know not to do that again and you can try really hard at something else instead' Jay Ludgrove

Returning to the show – today Joey and Jason chat once again to co-founder of GLProUK, Jay Ludgrove, a man who started a Production company and Social Media agency with his business partner based around creating killer social content but never forgetting the reason for marketing via social media…… SALES!

Jay reminds us that those that succeed are all in, all the time and much like the Grind; embracing the slump is all part of the game.

He talks about the right mindset and methods for not only avoiding slumps and funks, but using them to your advantage and appreciating the fruits of your labor later.

For more insights from Jay, check out GLProUK's GLCast for everything from tips to Marketing Your Business or Growing Your Podcast, Social Media Do's and Don'ts or Branding Your Business. If any of this sounds useful - GLCast is for you. Find the show on iTunes and all the other podcast outlets or on YouTube here:



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