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Apr 18, 2019

This week, The Grind focuses on some existential questions in this episode as Joey and Jason contemplate the future of the podcast itself. The guys start off by talking about the general feasibility of podcasting as a money-making tool and whether or not Joey and Jason can see a path for The Grind to reach that goal. They also reflect on the fact that most small businesses don’t make it 2 years, meaning it already has more longevity than most start-ups. Jason and Joey discuss how they have continued to learn by producing the show and they critique the lack of sufficient analytics on the medium to accurately assess your reach.


No one is 100% all the time”.


Joey mentions the guest for next week and the suspense diminishes slightly. Then Joey and Jason debate the impact they could have with proper time management and they discuss Joey’s power-up as a case study for how easy it is to lose momentum with an endeavour. Jason asks if Joey feels his passion for the show has waned and the guys talk about how external factors can play a role in how you feel towards the things in your life.


“I don’t think you ever told me you were in a band”!


Next, Joey briefly tells the saga of the band he used to play in ‘Badger Hotel’, so named after his company in the Army. The story is analogous to the story of The Grind in a lot of ways. The guys then talk about how it’s hard to follow your own advice, but it’s hard when it feels like you aren’t making progress. Joey proposes that ‘time on task’ is all it would take to solve the issues they are having and Jason questions what that might look like. Jason also displays his mastery of the British accent and Joey admires his bicep. To finish up on whether the show goes on, the guys make a plan of action and decide to….well you’ll just have to listen.


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