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Oct 25, 2018

Welcome back to another episode of The Grind. This week’s guest is Mike Zagare a serial entrepreneur and recovering physical therapist. After founding and being the driving force behind a very successful in-home physical therapy business for several years, Mike was ready to turn his attention to new opportunities and challenges, so he became an Amazon seller.

For anyone who is sick of the 9-to-5 grind, Mike feels your pain. He was there once. Now he’s taking the tools and tactics that helped him escape that grind and turn a 40-thousand dollar a month side hustle into a 400-thousand-dollar a month legitimate business.


“The death of an entrepreneur is staying in your comfort zone”.


There’s no Jason this week, so Joey holds down the fort and tests his solo interview chops. The first topic on today’s show is how and why Mike escaped his nine to five grind and embraced his entrepreneurial spirit. This takes us on a journey through his early life, what it takes and what it takes out of you to be a physical therapist. Joey compares Mike’s journey with his own and extrapolates some universality between the different journeys you can go on; in pursuit of bettering yourself. Next Joey talks about these same ideas coming up in the book he is currently reading ‘A million miles in a thousand years’ by Donald Miller, which involves looking at your life through a narrative lens and archetypal journeys.


“This is sucking the soul out of my body and I hate this….Now What?”


The next topic Mike and Joey discuss is the importance of constant learning and growth, Which Joey follows up with a question about any particular epiphanies that Mike feels were titular in his decision to become an entrepreneur. After another insightful anecdote from Mike, he talks about the importance of being creative, loving what you do and how that can help tolerate an overbearing workload. Mike then describes why he meditates every day, the practical uses of doing it regularly and what he has learned from following Dr. Joe Dispenza and his methodology. Joey mentions his fear of the overall productivity lost by people not acting on their desire to change their situation and asks Mike about the role of mentors in his life.


“All I needed was one good idea”.


Mike discusses his though process in deciding to start his current ventures and how one simple idea can change everything and catapult your career. He delves into why Amazon is so good as a platform for entrepreneurs and the potential it holds for the future. Joey continues to pick Mike’s brain about how his business works and what people can learn from it. The guys talk a bit about targets, challenges and the importance of creating a measurable impact in your own life. Joey gives us a nice conclusion for the episode and we’ll see you next week.








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Facebook   /mike.zagare


Skype         bigmikeeuconn


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